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About Sullys Hill

Sullys Hill National Game Preserve is a 1,674-acre national wildlife refuge sitting on the south shores of Devils Lake, about 10 miles south of the city of Devils Lake, North Dakota. The refuge was first established on April 27, 1904, as a national park. It was designated by congress as a big game preserve in 1914 and later transferred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1931 to be further set aside as a refuge and breeding grounds for migratory birds and wildlife. The Preserve supports a unique community of habitats such as an oak, ash, basswood, and aspen woodland; and mixed-grass prairie, interspersed with some natural and created wetlands.   Click here to visit their website.

Sullys Hill is always a great way to spend a couple hours outdoors with your kids around the Devils Lake, North Dakota area.

Our best Itinerary for visiting Sullys Hill

  1. We drive slowly into the park to be on the look out for any buffalo.  They can usually be seen on the drive to the visitors center.buffalo-at-sullys-hill
  2. Make a quick stop at Prairie Dog Central to see if anything exciting is happening.
  3. Park at the Interpretive Center and check out the animals and if the kids are up for it we check out a free backpack that has all sorts of exploring tools in it.  I also make the kids to to the bathroom at the visitors center before we hit the trails.
  4. Make out way to white tail deer trail.  This is the kids favorite trail as it goes up the hill then down the big staircase and all the way around to the water road.


5. After we finish the white tail deer tail we head back into the car and drive over to the lookout and walk up the stairs to get a view of the entire park.

What We Bring to Sullys Hill

  1. Water- it gets hot and there are no water fountains on the trials except at the very beginning so make sure to bring water.
  2. Bug Spray- the bugs can get really bad on the trails, especially mosquitoes.
  3. Snacks- my kids like to stop at the bench on the white tail deer trail and eat a snack while overlooking the lake.
  4. First Aide Gear- just because you never know.
  5. Sunscreen- the sun is hot in there.

Our Rilos + MiMi North Dakota Home State waterproof travel bag is perfect for holding all our Sullys Hill gear.


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