Tooth Fairy Pillow in Honor of First Loose Tooth

  Hunter has his first loose tooth and in honor of him about to lose his first tooth I decided to sew him his very own Tooth Fairy Pillow.  I took him to pick out his own fabric and of course he picked out Transformers fabric but it’s a nice flannel fabric which means it’s soft.

It’s a pretty easy sewing project to do, if anyone is up to it you can sew your own Tooth Fairy Pillow by following these steps:

Materials Needed for Sewing a Tooth Fairy Pillow

  • Small Amount of Fabric (enough for two 10 1/2 by 10 1/2 inch squares)
  • White Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Polyfill
  • Thread (I used black)

Step One.  Find a Cool Tooth Picture

Hunter and I did a Google image search for “Tooth Coloring Pictures” to make his tooth fairy pillow and he picked out a tooth image.  The tooth picture we used can be found here at the bottom of the page.

Cut out the tooth to be used as a template to trace on your white felt.

Step Two.  Cut out the Fabric Squares

For the main part of the tooth fairy pillow I simply cut two 10.5″ by 10.5″ squares of the Transformers material.  The pillow can really be any size you want.  I just thought 10.5″ looked good and if I wasn’t making this tutorial I probably would not have measured at all.

Step Three.  Cut out Felt Tooth Pieces

a. Place your cut out tooth paper on your white felt and pin it down so it stays in place.  Cut around the tooth so that you have a white felt tooth.

b. Cut two small eyes for the tooth out of the black felt.  You could trace an exact circle of any size for the eyes or you can be like me and cut them free-hand until you think they look good for eyes.

Step Four. Make your Felt Tooth

a. Carefully pin your eyes in place on your felt tooth.

b. Using a zig zag stitch, stitch all the way around the eyes.  You will want to use a pretty tight zig zag stitch.  What I usually do is test out my zig zag on a piece of scrap material before I begin on my actual project.  I used black thread for the whole project.

c.  Since the top of the tooth is where the pocket for the money and tooth will be and will not be attached to the pillow, simply zig zag stick across the top of the tooth for the width of your pocket.


d. The last step in making the tooth is the mouth.  A lot of people might draw a mouth with a fabric marker first but I am more of a free-hand person so I zig zag stitched the two small curves for the top of the mouth first and then connected them together with the big curve for the main part of the mouth.  It happened to turn out but if you are uncomfortable free handing I would use a fabric pen to trace the mouth and then just follow the mouth tracing with the zig zag stitch.

You now have your finished tooth!

Step Five.  Attached your Tooth to the Pillow

a. Carefully pin the outline of the tooth to the front part of the Fabric where you want it on the pillow.  I tried to make it centered but once again just free-handed it.  You could really measure to the center if you wanted to.

b. Now using your same zig zag stitch sew all the way along the tooth but make sure NOT to sew around the top of the tooth where you already stitched or you will close off your pocket.

Step Six.  Make the Pillow

a. Now that your tooth is attached to the front of the fabric, you can make the actual pillow.  Place the two pieces of material on top of each other RIGHT sides together and pin all the way around the square.

b. With a STRAIGHT stitch, sew all the way around the sides of the pillow but make sure you leave a small (approximately three-inch) space on the bottom of the pillow to turn the pillow right side in.

c. Through the small hole you left, turn the pillow right side in.

d. Using your Polyfill stuff the pillow through the small hole.

e. Once the pillow is stuffed to how you want it, it’s time to close the hole.  Fold the fabric inward so you have a nice clean closure without any raw material edge showing and pin the hole shut.

f. With a straight stitch, sew along the outside of the pillow to close up the small hole.

That’s it, now you’re done!

We’re ready for the Tooth Fairy at our house with our new tooth fairy pillow, we just have to figure out how much she pays for teeth these days!

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    • Hey! I have seen the idea of them but came up with the pillow on my own. I have lotsa time (at weird times like nap and bedtime) now that I stay home and love tinkering around so don’t feel lazy! :-). Thanks!!! I’ll make ya one when Alex gets a loose tooth.

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