Teaching Kids About Where They Live Activity

It’s hard for kids to comprehend where they fit into the world in terms of they live in different towns or cities, countries, etc.  The girls and I spent a rainy day learning about where we live and how we fit into the world.

All of my family lives in Canada while we live in the USA where all of my husband’s family lives.  This has been difficult for the kids to understand, I am hoping this Where We Live Activity will help my kiddos understand about where we live a little better.

I did four stages for the girls; my house, my town, my state, and my country.  With Hunter I would take it even further and add my continent and the world.

 Materials Needed for Where I live Activity

  • Plastic lids from ice cream, sour cream, butter containers
  • Children’s craft foam
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Metal clip or key ring

Directions for Where I Live Activity

1. Cut four circles with the plastic lids, each one a little bigger than the other.

plastic lids cut out

2. Cut the same size circles with the children’s craft foam.  You can either stick the craft foam on yourself or have the kids stick it on.

3. Hole punch each circle in the same spot

4. Have your kids write or you write the My House, Town/City, State, and My Country on each piece and decorate.  I thought about printing out some pictures and having them glue them on each circle, I might do that with Hunter since he is older.

coloring plastic lids coloring plastic lids 2 finished lids

5. Put all the pieces together in order and attach with the metal clip or key ring.

put together

Teaching kids about where they live can be a fun activity and there are many possibilities for customizing this activity.  Googling pictures or maps of cities, states, or counties is just one example of how you can update this.  You can have kids cut out maganize pictures that reminds they of the different section and glue them on or print pictures of maps to glue one with their sections circled.

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