DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Picture Flower Pot

I actually didn’t make this pot for mother’s day the kids and I made it for Grandma’s birthday but since Mother’s Day is approaching I thought this would give people a good idea for something to make for Mother’s Day.  This flower pot is a great DIY Mother’s Day gift that the kids can help Read More


DIY Boys Room Decor: Superhero Sign

I have been searching around for some great boys room decor ideas for awhile now.  I made this awesome superhero sign for my son Hunter’s room. He is five and obsessed with superheros and happens to be a big brother. If it was up to Hunter his whole room would be superheros but I wanted Read More


Cute Little Sewn Lip Gloss Key Rings

    Tutorial for Sewing your Own Chapstick Keychain Materials Needed 3.5″ Wide by 4″ Tall piece of material for main base 3.5″ Wide by 3.5″ Tall piece of material for pocket 2″ Wide by 2.5″ Tall piece of material Key Ring Sewing Machine and Thread Pins Favorite Lip Gloss or Chap Stick Step One.  Cutting Read More