hunter playing with barn

Farm Craft for Kids: Cardboard Barn and Popsicle Stick Animals

If you are looking for a farm craft for kids this cardboard box barn and Popsicle stick animals set was a huge hit at our house and gives them something they can make and play with over and over again. We actually had a snow day in April in North Dakota which meant Hunter was home with us Read More


Kids Valentine’s Day Crafts: Cupid’s Bow and Arrows that Really Works

Making cupid’s bow and arrows is a great Valentine’s crafts for kids.  Hunter who is 5 had so much fun making it and playing with it because you can actually shoot the arrows with the bow.  Riley and Emmy who just turned 3 were able to make one for themselves too and still had fun Read More


Kids Crafts: Halloween Egg Carton Monsters

The girls made these cute little Halloween egg carton monsters the other day so I thought I would share.  I have seen bat decorations made out of egg cartons before but knew the girls would not be happy only painting with black paint so we opted for monsters instead. Here is how we did it: Read More