Sullys Hill Fall Festival 2012

On Saturday October 13, the kids, Grandma, me and some friends went out to the Annual Sullys Hill Fall Festival.  I wasn’t going to go at first because it wasn’t supposed to be nice out, my friend Sheri was going to come pick up Hunter and take him with her but she convinced me to come out with the girls too.  It had actually gotten really nice and sunny out and turned out to be a great day!

Sullys Hill National Game Preserve is located on the south shore of Devils Lake in Benson County. The preserve consists of 1,674 acres ranging from prairie to forested hills and is home to a wide assortment of wildlife including migratory birds, bison, elk, and prairie dogs.

The kids and I had never been out to Sullys Hill before, the Fall Festival was a great way to experience the preserve for the first time.

On the drive into the park we saw two elk laying in the grass by the road.

When we were waiting for Hunter and friends the girls had fun looking at all the stuffed animals in the center and playing on the amphitheater steps and stage.


Kids Activities

Duck Maze.  The kids could pick out a duck wing and go through a little maze that asked questions about different colors on the wings to find out which kind of duck the wing belong to.  After they went through the maze they got metal water bottles from Ducks Unlimited.

Buffalo Chip Throwing Contest.  There was a buffalo chip throwing contest for adults and kids.  They had a big trailer full of buffalo poop made into chips, we all picked one out and lined up to throw.  The girls didn’t want to throw theirs and wanted to hold on to them (they had no idea what it actually was) but we got them to throw them eventually.  Hunter did awesome and I even got on the leader board!


Crafts.  They had all kinds of crafts for the kids to do inside the center.  They made buffalos out of coffee grinds, bookmarks, binoculars and fossils.  They also had face painting and tattoos for the kiddos.


Emmy used her binoculars to look for deer out the window like we do at home.

Some of the other activities that Hunter did but I didn’t because I took the girls home early were:

  • Archery Lesson
  • Trapping Demonstration
  • Hayride through the park

They also had different shows like a Pow-Wow but Hunter went on the hay ride through the park during the show.  Another thing they had was geo catching but the kids were a little too young for that.  I can see Hunter having fun with that as he gets older.

On the way home, Grandma, the girls and I drove through the park and spotted some deer.  Emmy said, “just like we have.”  We have a lot of deer in our backyard most of the time so she wasn’t too impressed by them.

I am looking forward to taking the kids there again especially when it warms up.  There is a hiking trail that Hunter would love to do and I can tell there would be a lot of great photo opportunities throughout the preserve.  Plus nobody saw the Buffalo, we need to go back and try to see them for sure!

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