Rilos + MiMi at the East Grand Forks Arts Council 44th Annual Craft Show


Rilos + MiMi attended our first craft show in Minnesota

The show was the 44th annual East Grand Forks After and Crafts Show.  I was a little nervous about this show for a few reasons; (1) it was a typical craft show that I have never been to before and I was unsure of the turnout and vendors at the show, (2) October first and second is a little early for holiday shopping season.

The show ended up turning out great and far exceeded my sales expectations for the kick off of the holiday season.

Some new things I did for this show:

  1. My husband made me a new bar to add some height to my table and it looked great.
  2. I decided not to price anything this year and instead have signs with the prices displayed all around my booth.
  3. I turned two of my grid walls outfacing from my booth to grab peoples attention when walking by.
  4. This is the first show I brought Minnesota Home Makeup Bag to.


Tips + Tricks for Increasing Sales at Any Craft Show

  1. Say hi to everyone walking anywhere near your booth, not a lot of people will stop on their own.  Make sure to have a friendly smile.
  2. Rarely sit down, I pretty much stand the whole time and try to invite people into the Rilos + MiMi booth.  I wear an apron around my waste and float around talking to as many people as possible in my booth.
  3. You need a sales pitch and you need to be prepared to say it over and over again.  Mine depends on what the person is first looking at in my booth which seems to usually be snack bags and I pretty much always say the same thing, “These are reusable snack bags or carrying pouches, they where made for snacks but people carry all sorts of things in them like toys, makeup, first aid gear.  The nice things about them is they are made with a BPA free lining and can go right in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher.”  I always pick up a snack bag and physically show them how they can go upside down on the dishwasher.  And then if they look around more I tell them how our makeup bags are also lined with the same plastic and can go right in the washing machine.
  4. Be prepared to answer all kinds of questions, know your product stories well, your company stories, what type of sewing machine you have or other machines or supplies you use.  The easier you can talk about your products and brand the more comfortable customers feel talking to you.
  5. Don’t miss judge anyone that stops at your booth, they are all potential customers.  There have been several times people have taken one quick look at my booth and made the comment, “oh baby stuff, I am done with needing that.”  Then I usually smile and tell them about makeup bags or how reusable snack bags can be used for several things.

Our next stop is the Safe Kids Grand Forks Tummy to Tot Expo on October 16th.


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