Kids Crafts: Halloween Egg Carton Monsters

The girls made these cute little Halloween egg carton monsters the other day so I thought I would share.  I have seen bat decorations made out of egg cartons before but knew the girls would not be happy only painting with black paint so we opted for monsters instead.

Here is how we did it:

1. I cut the egg slots in the carton into 12 pieces and gave each of the girls six.

2. I taped newspaper to the table to help with any mess, put a blob of each paint color on a paper plate, and gave the girls each a brush.

3. The girls painted each egg carton however they wanted.  I love how Riley sticks her tongue out when she is really concentrating on something.


4. We left the monsters to try for a few hours.

5. When they were dry I put things like eyes, pom-poms, and pipe cleaners in a small buckets, the girls took turns picking stuff out and handing them to me while I hot glue gunned them onto the monsters.

6. I then punched two small holes on the top of each monsters with a small screwdriver.  I strung fishing line though the holes and tied them in a loop.  After that I strung them all along a long string of fishing line and hung them up on my built-in cabinet in the dining room for Halloween decoration.

Hanging on my cabinet wasn’t the best place to put them for photo ops but they look pretty cool there.

When Hunter got home and saw them he was pretty mad that we made them when he was at school, we will now be making them again on the weekend!

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