Indoor Kid Activities: Around the House Scavenger Hunt

scavender hunt 1

Hunter’s summer vacation kicked off with two rainy days so far.  Yesterday morning we went to the park early to beat the rain but today there was no beating it.  This around the house scavenger hunt is a great idea if you are looking for some indoor kid activities to spend a rainy day.

Grab a pad of paper or use the computer to create a checklist of things that can be found around your house, give the kiddos a bag or box and pen, and let them search around the house finding their items.

I made two versions of the scavenger hunt; one for Hunter (6) and one for the girls (3).  Hunter’s was more complex and he had to read the scavenger hunt items himself.

Some examples on Hunter’s scavenger hunt were:

  • Find a toy that is green
  • Find a book that has the word “the” in the title
  • Find two toys that are the same
  • Find a toy that starts with the letter T
  • Something brown that you color with
  • A blue article of clothing
  • Two things that are opposites

Some examples on Riley and Emmy’s scavenger hunt were:

  • Find a rocket
  • Find a doll
  • Find an Angry Bird
  • Find a book

scavenger hunt checklists

I sent Hunter on his own to find is stuff and told him I would verify what he found when he was done.  I went around with the girls and we found the stuff together.

scavenger hunt 3 scavender hunt 1

This indoor scavenger hunter was a great activity to keep the kids busy on a rainy day.  They got a treat if they found all the items on their list which was a tootsie roll.

We ended up doing this over a few times with different lists, the only negative is having to put all the stuff back after it’s found.  The kids didn’t like that part too much!

Looking for more indoor kid activities?

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