How many Rilos + MiMi Bags were Used on our Family Trip to AZ?

rilos and mimi bags in carry on

Rilos + MiMi Bags for Travel

The Rilos + MiMi family tries to take a vacation every year to take a break from our cold North Dakota winters.  This December we went to Arizona and caught an Arizona Cardinals vs. the Minnesota Vikings games while we were there.

Since our family travels a lot, most of our bags were designed for our family adventures.  So just how many and how did we use our Rilos + MiMi bags for a long weekend trip to Arizona?  Read below to see how many and how we used our bags.

Our Carry on Bag for the Family

Everything in our carry on bag was inside another bag with made it nice and easy to find everything we needed from snacks, cords, documents, etc.  This is the first time we put everything in it’s own bag and I will definitely be doing this for all our future trips.

rilos and mimi bags in carry on


Rilos + MiMi Reusable Snack Bags

We had 6 reusable snack bags in one carry on bag we shared.  Click here to shop Rilos + MiMi reusable snack bags.

  • three reusable snack bags had snacks in them (one for each kid).

reusable snack bag on airplane

  • one reusable snack bag had our charging cords for phones and iPads in it.

rilos and mimi charging station

  • one reusable snack bag had coloring stuff in it.
  • one reusable snack bag had a deck of cards, dice, and small toys in it.

Click here to shop Rilos + MiMi reusable snack bags.

Rilos + MiMi Wet Bag or Makeup Bags

We used three Rilos + MiMi makeup bags and one Rilos + MiMi shampoo bag on our trip.  Click here to shop Rilos + MiMi makeup bags.

  • one I used in our carry on to hold a set of extra clothes for the kids because you never know what will happen.
  • one makeup bag for my makeup.
  • one makeup bag for the kid’s travel necessities like hair ties, brush, tooth brush, etc.
  • one shampoo bag for my contact solution, deodorant, brush, tooth brush, etc.

makeup bags on arizona grand counter


Click here to shop Rilos + MiMi makeup bags.

Rilos + MiMi Poolside Bag

I filled a Rilos + MiMi poolside bag with as any pool toys as I could fit for the kids to enjoy at the resort and then since the new regulations for NFL football games were that you can only bring in a clear bag we took the toys out and carried our wallets, phones, face wipes, etc. into the game in our Rilos + MiMi poolside bag.  Click here to shop Rilos + MiMi poolside bags

rilos and mimi poolside bag


And the Grand Total??

We used a total of 11 Rilos + MiMi bags on our family trip to Arizona.  Our bags helped keep all of our travel gear organized and easy to find so we could relax as a family.

rilos and mimi at arizona grand

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