Handmade Beautiful Fall Leaf Wreath- Real Leaves!

The girls and I finally used our leaves from our leaf treasure hunt we went on the other week.  We decided to make a leaf wreath and it turned out awesome and looks great hanging above our mantle with the rest of our fall decor.

We had fun collecting all the leaves as they were changing color, this is a great activity to do with kids and a great way to get some new inexpensive fall decor for your house.

Here is how we did it:

Drying the Leaves

After we collected all the leaves we placed them on a table in between newspaper.  I then placed some heavy storage bins on them to keep them flat and we left them alone for two days.


Covering the Leaves

After the leaves were dry I used a sponge brush and ModgePodge to seal them.  To cover them in ModgePodge make sure you use gentle, long, strokes going with the grain of the leaf so it does not tear.  I did one side of all the leaves, waited for a day then did the other side of all the leaves.


Making the Wreath

We took a 12″ foam wreath that I bought at Wal-Mart and a hot glue gun to make the wreath.  I had the kids pick out the leaves off the table they wanted to use and hand them to me while I glued them on.

We used the biggest leaves on the back of the foam wreath and then filled in around the inside placing the leaves where we thought they looked good.

Displaying the Wreath

The wreath looks beautiful on our mantel as fall decoration.


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