Great Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

If you are like me, going out to eat or having to sit patiently for anything is a huge challenge with the kids. I decided to share some tips for keeping kids entertained while waiting at restaurants, for appointments, or anything else where they need to sit quiet. Unfortunately I am not always prepared with a packed diaper bag but when I am, one of these usually keeps the kids busy enough for me to somewhat enjoy the wait.

Wallets. Our newest thing is old wallets filled with all sorts of interesting things for the kiddos to pull out and destroy. Seriously, when the kids get in your purse what is the first thing they typically do? Pull everything out of your wallet right? So I collected two old wallets from my mom along with things like hotel keys because they look like credit cards, junk mail credit cards, used gift cards and business cards. I put them in the wallets with spare change, old keys and pictures. Just pull the wallets out when the kids are getting impatient and let them have at it pulling things out and putting things back in.


Coloring Stuff. I always keep a small plastic contained of crayons, blank paper and three small coloring or activity books in our diaper bag. That way I can bring them out and keep the kids entertained. A lot of restaurants supply coloring stuff so I only pull it out when coloring stuff is not available.

Books. I try and keep two books in the diaper bag, just small board books. Books will usually keep the kids entertained for a little while.

Ipad and Iphone. I always keep my iPad and iPhone stocked with short cartoons or video clips. The kids can sit and watch them without disturbing anyone. If you go on iTunes you can get full episodes of most of their favorite shows like Elmo’s world, Wonder Pets, Dora, etc. for only a few dollars. If you download them on one device you can share them among your other devices for free.

Food. My last resort is usually food like fruit snacks, crackers or anything else small I can keep in the diaper bag.

Have any cool tricks to keep your little ones entertained? Feel free to comment or email!

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