Oral Health: First Visit to the Dentist

Riley Getting her Dental Exam

The girls had their first dentist visit today!  Rilos & MiMi have been in the dental office lots to see their daddy but they recently went for their first teeth cleaning and exam which you should try and do between two and three years old.

Read below for what to expect and more important tips on kids oral hygiene.

Even though Riley and Emersyn have been into the dental office lots of times and know the staff they are both really shy and stick to mom mostly so I was worried on how they would react and thought they might not even get into the dental chair.

Getting Comfortable and Learning the Tools.  Riley is a little more brave than Emmy so she went first.  She was pretty hesitant to get in the chair but she did it.   The hygienist helped her get into the chair and took her for a little ride up and down.  Once she was a little more comfortable in the chair, the hygienist took out the tools she would be using to clean her teeth.  She showed her each one and let her touch them and hear the different sounds they would make.  By the time it was Emersyn’s turn she was excited


Cleaning.  The hygienist will then take the tooth-brush and polish all of their teeth.  Both of them did really good with keeping their mouth open, I was really surprised how well they both did.  She will then rinse their mouths out with the water squirter and use the suction straw to get the excess paste out of their mouths.  If they are sitting really good the hygienist might even take some floss and floss between each of their teeth.

Exam.  After the hygenist is finished with the cleaning the dentist will come in to do an exam.  In this case the dentist was their dad and I wasn’t sure how they would react but both the girls took it so serious they didn’t get up or move around.  The dentist will use the explorer and mirror and count all their teeth to make sure they have all grown in.  They will also check for cavities or abnormalities.


Fluoride.  After the dental exam the hygienist might put fluoride on their teeth.  We told Riley and Emmy it was vitamins to help keep sugar bugs away.

Riley and Emersyn did really great, no cavities!!

Important Tips for your Child’s Healthy Smile

  • You should start brushing their teeth with “training” non-fluoride tooth paste as soon as they get teeth.  This tooth paste doesn’t clean the teeth too much but it helps to get babies comfortable with brushing their teeth.
  • Switch to fluoride tooth paste around age two but make sure they don’t swallow too much of it so pay close attention when brushing their teeth.
  • Always make sure you help them brush their teeth, having your children brush their own teeth probably won’t be good enough to keep teeth healthy.
  • Children should also start flossing around age two.
  • Try to brush and floss twice a day; before bedtime is most important, and make sure nothing to eat or drink other than water after brushing before bed.
  • You should start regular cleanings and exams around two or three years of age and continue every six months.
  • Try and avoid juice and pop and of course too much candy.  Even we know how hard that can be!
  • Don’t forget to check with your dentist or doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

A child’s first dentist visit can be exciting if they know what to expect and the process is explained to them to not be scary.

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  1. Darcy says:

    I love how you call them Rilos and MiMi. They are getting so big and are so very cute!! Great blog by the way. I feel like I can keep track of you guys better with this. 🙂

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