Farm Craft for Kids: Cardboard Barn and Popsicle Stick Animals

hunter playing with barn

If you are looking for a farm craft for kids this cardboard box barn and Popsicle stick animals set was a huge hit at our house and gives them something they can make and play with over and over again.

We actually had a snow day in April in North Dakota which meant Hunter was home with us all day.  We made the most of it by doing all kinds of crafts and activities.  I was looking through my Pinterest pins for kiddos and saw these cute Popsicle stick critters from  Make and Take at

Materials Needed for Farm Craft for Kids

  • Crafters Popsicle sticks
  • Paint and brushes
  • Cardboard box
  • Peel and stick foam for animal faces and barn trim (we used white, brown, black, pink and yellow)
  • Feathers for the chicken
  • Crafters eyes
  • Glue
  • Black marker

Directions for Farm Craft for Kids

We started with some Popsicle sticks and painted them all the colors of the animals we wanted to make.

popsicle stick animals

While those were drying I took a cardboard box and cut the back off and all the flaps expect the top one with scissors.  Then I cut out the big bottom door with an exact-or knife and the top barn doors.

barn cut out of carboard box barn cut out of carboard box back

I gave the kids each a foam brush and red paint and they all painted the cardboard box for the barn.

kids painting the barn barn painted red

While the barn was drying we put the faces and shapes on the animals using eyes, kid craft foam, feathers, and markers.

emmy putting animal faces on

Once the barn was dry we used peel and stick craft foam to add the details to the barn doors and trim.

emmy putting white on barn

The kids had so much fun playing with the barn and animals and took turns stick the animals through the doors.

Riley playing with barn hunter playing with barn barn with all the animals

This cardboard box barn and Popsicle stick animals makes a great farm craft for kids and is a great toy to keep around and the kids can play with over and over.

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