DIY Toddler Lounge Pants

Riley in pants close up edited

Riley's toddler lounge pants collage

Just Riley and I were at Walmart the other night when, we spotted this pretty, knit fabric in a bargain bin.  Riley said she wanted it and I looked at the price and it was only $1.20 for 2 yards, I figured I could make something out of it for her.


Before we got home I decided I was going to make lounge pants for her to wear around the house.  The fabric is so soft and she had picked out this blue ribbon with white polka dots for a sun dress that would work for the pants.

I decided to make this tutorial for making your own toddler lounge pants for anyone who wants to try it at home.


Directions for DIY Toddler Lounge Pants

Materials Needed for DIY Toddler Lounge Pants

  • Fabric- you only need about a yard but more or less depending on the size
  • Ribbon to use as drawstring
  • Pair of pants that fit your toddler currently
  • Sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins

Step One:  Cutting the Fabric

Lay your fabric out flat and fold it in half the right sides of your fabric facing inwards.

Lay your existing toddler pants on top of the Fabric.

Cut 1-2 inches wider than your toddler pants around the new fabric depending on how much bigger you want the new pants.

Pants on new fabric

Flip the newly cut piece of fabric over and lay it on top of the rest of your fabric fabric and cut another set of two fabric pieces for your pants.


You should end up with four pieces of fabric to make the pants.

pants pieces

Step Two:  The First Stitch

Line up two pieces of fabric on top of each other RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.  Pin from the top of the waist to the crotch bottom on both sets of fabric and straight stitch with your sewing machine.

first stitch

Step Three:  The Second Stitch

After you sew the first step, open up the two pant pieces and lay them on top of each other RIGHT SIDES facing inward.  Pin the two pieces together down the outside legs and straight stitch with your sewing matching down the two sides.

second stitch

Step Four:  The Third Stitch

Spread the legs apart of your pants like they are doing the splits, leaving them inside out.  Pin the legs together all across the inside and straight stitch along with your sewing machine.

third stitch

Step Five:  Hemming the Waist

Turn your pants right side out and they are now all constructed and it’s time for the hems.

To make the waist with a draw string I cut a slit down 2 inches in the middle front of the pants.  I then pinned a small hem back on the slit sides to keep the waist from fraying.

drawstring hole

I then folded the fabric down one inch all the way around the inside of the waist and pinned the waist all around.  Straight stitch all the way around the waist.  You want to make sure it is big enough to fit your ribbon through.

waist hem

Step Six:  Hemming the Legs

On each leg I pinned a one inch hem all the way around each leg by folding the fabric inward.  Then straight stitch all the way around each leg bottom.

leg hem

Step Seven:  Add the Drawstring

I pinned a safety pin to one end of the ribbon and pushed it through the waist hem of my pants.  You can use no sew seam glue on the end of your ribbon to avoid fraying of your ribbon.

finished pants

These DIY toddler lounge pants turned our so adorable and were really simple to make, they only took about 30 minutes.  I am planning on making some shorts for Emmy with the left over fabric.

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