DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Picture Flower Pot

flower pot 3I actually didn’t make this pot for mother’s day the kids and I made it for Grandma’s birthday but since Mother’s Day is approaching I thought this would give people a good idea for something to make for Mother’s Day.  This flower pot is a great DIY Mother’s Day gift that the kids can help make and both the kids and mom or grandma will love seeing the faces.

Materials Needed for Picture Flower Pot

  • Terracotta Pot and Tray
  • Crafter’s Paint
  • Outdoor ModgePodge
  • Camera, computer, printer
  • Brushes
  • Flower or plant

Directions for Picture Flower Pot

flower pot 2 flower pot 1

First take pictures of the kids preferably in front of the same color as the base of your pot (I took ours in front of our white shower curtain) with their arms up in the air like they are “growing.”  Then print the pictures on plain copy paper.  Make sure you let the pictures dry for at least 8 hours or the ink will run when putting them on the pot.  Cut the pictures out with only a small border or white around them.

Then take your pot and saucer and paint it whatever colors you would like.

Once the initial paint was dry I let the kids each take turns painting on the pot.

After everything is dry coat your areas of the pot where the pictures will go with ModgePodge and place your pictures.  Let them dry for about 30 minutes.

After the undercoat of the ModgePodge is dry place a top coat with a sponge brush very carefully over the entire pot.  Watch to make sure the ink from our pictures does not run so be very gently with the coat.

Let the first top coat dry for about an hour and then do another coat over the entire pot and saucer.

The kids had fun going to the local nursery and picking on a flower.  They decided on a cute white daisy in the end after much debate.  I was originally going to put a quote on the pot like, “thanks for helping us grow” or “Grand Kids are growing”  or “Watch us Grow”  but decided against it.

This picture flower pot is a super cute DIY Mother’s Day gift idea especially for Grandmas.

flower pot 3 flower pot 2 flower pot 1

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    • Did you print your pictures on plain printer paper (this makes them flimsy and easy to wrap around the pot)? I put a very thin layer of ModgePodge on the pot first, then very carefully laid the pictures over top of the ModgePodge and pushed the pictures flat to the pot with my thumbs to smooth it out. After that dried I then placed a layer of the ModPodge over the pictures very carefully with a sponge brush, you almost have to blot over the pictures with the brush so they do not run or rip. Hope that helps!

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