DIY Boys Room Decor: Superhero Sign

boys room decorI have been searching around for some great boys room decor ideas for awhile now.  I made this awesome superhero sign for my son Hunter’s room. He is five and obsessed with superheros and happens to be a big brother.

If it was up to Hunter his whole room would be superheros but I wanted to make sure we only finish his room once, we decided on just a few superhero decor pieces.  A few months ago I saw this awesome sign on a blog called Sugar Tot Designs.  It said, “Sometimes being a BROTHER is better than being a SUPERHERO

I decided to remove the sometimes and have my sign for Hunter’s room say, “Being a big BOTHER is better than being a SUPERHERO”

I tried to paint a sign first and it didn’t turn out very well due to my lack of patience for letting the paint dry between letters.  I left it alone for two weeks and suddenly I had an idea to cut out the letters instead of paint, then I thought of all the old superhero t-shirts Hunter has and decided to use those for the letters instead of buying fabric.

Instructions for DIY Superhero Boys Decor Sign

Materials Needed

  • Canvas- I used 20″ X 16″
  • Old Shirts or Fabric for the letters
  • Fabric ModgePodge
  • ModgePodge Clear Sealer
  • Sponge Brush
  • Printed Letters

I get most of my supplies for

boys room decor


1. I used Microsoft Word to print out some pages with the lettering for the sign.  I used Berlin Sans FB Demi font with a text size of 200.

If you go to the insert tab on Microsoft Word and select Word Art you can make the text bubble letters.

2. Cut out the letters.  I didn’t cut out all the letters just one of each letter I needed.

3. Pin the letters on your fabric or old shirts and cut them out of fabric.  I tried to align the letters to have superhero faces or parts of the superhero.

4. Arrange the letters on the canvas as you want.  I measured the lines across the canvas to make sure I at least had the letters in a straight line.  I didn’t measure spacing in between but if you wanted everything perfect you could do all the measurements before placing the letters on.

5. Using Fabric ModgePodge and a sponge brush coat the back of the letters one by one and place them on the canvas in the correct spots.  After you have the letter on make sure you smooth it out and wipe off any excess ModgePodge.

6. Let the sign dry for at least 24 hours.

7. Coat with ModgePodge clear spray sealer.

8. Let dry another 24 hours before handing on the wall.

boys room decor

The bog I found the sign on also had a link to a tutorial on how to turn pictures into comic book effect so I might have to try that will some pictures for Hunter’s room.

This is an awesome and inexpensive piece of boys room decor, especially for boys that are into superheros.

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