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If you are looking for an inexpensive option for spending a fun filled day with the kids Stump Lake, ND is a great option.  The park is located 10 miles South of Lakota on Highway #1.

Things to Do at Stump Lake Park

Mini Golf

One thing that the kids will love, especially older kids is the mini golf course.  The best part is that it’s free and there is a buckets of balls and putters at the first hole.  The course could use a little maintenance and cleaning especially if you were into serious mini golf but the kid will enjoy the neat designs of the course.  Bring your own pen and paper if you want to keep score.

Playground at Stump Lake Park

The playground is basically a big wooden structure that has plenty of space for the kids to run around on.   They enjoyed the super fast slide and climbing around.  There are some old wooden structures around the park to climb on and a balance beam to walk on.  If your family is into old school playground equipment like spider domes and spring animals you will enjoy this .  We also brought some sand toys for the kids to play with around the playground.  There are also basketball courts, a volleyball court, and horseshoes pits to use.

Swimming and Lake at Stump Lake Park

With the high rising water or Devils Lake much of the shore line if the lake is surrounded by trees but at the very end of the road, is actually in the water, there is a little shore area that the kids can play in the water.  There are plenty of rocks around for the kids to practice skipping stones in the lake.  I would recommend water shoes if you have.  The kids thought the best part was an old bench that was half in the water, they thought it was pretty neat to sit on it and be in the lake.

Eating Options at Stump Lake Park

Pack a picnic lunch and use one if the several picnic tables set up or bring a blanket and find a nice spot on the grass close to the lake.

picnic at stump lake
Stump Lake Park also offers a café that is open most days, you can check their website at: for detailed information on the café hours.

Pioneer Village at Stump Lake Park

Stump Lake park offers a Pioneer village with all kinds of stuff and buildings to explore.  They have steam engines to hand pulled fire equipment and buildings full of interesting authentic village.  We did not check out Pioneer Village at Stump Lake during this day trip but plan on exploring it on future trips when the kiddos are a little bit older.  You can view more information on the Stump Lake Park website:

Special Events at Stump Lake Park

Stump Lake Park offers tons of special events such as softball tournaments, craft shows, arts and music shows.  Their biggest event is their annual Threshing Bee where they have breakfast, a craft show, parade, old time demonstrations, live music and much more.  Make sure to check the events calendar on their website to find out what’s going on!

What to Bring on a Day Trip to Stump Lake Park

When planning a day trip to Stump Lake you should considered the following items to bring along for a fun filled day:

  • Picnic Lunch- there is a café as well
  • Blanket for picnic- there are lots of picnic tables too if that is what you prefer
  • Sand toys- you can play with them by the lake or by the playground
  • Pen and Paper if you want to keep score at the mini golf course
  • Frisbee, football, baseballs and glove- there is plenty of grass space to play
  • Horseshoes- if you want to have a game at one of the pits
  • Water shoes- if you have, the swimming area is rocky

You can view more information about the park on their website at:

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