Cut and Glue, Who Knew?

Around our house we try and find several things to keep us busy, especially when I am trying to avoid the TV being turned on for awhile.  Recently the kids have been obsessed with cutting and gluing.  It’s so simple and keeps them busy for as long as an hour.

All we do is round up old catalogs and magazines from around the house (I now keep a stash but hadn’t before they were interested in this) then we get out our scissors, a glue stick and a blank piece of paper.  My two year old girls flip through the pages and pick out things they like and sometimes try to cut it out themselves and sometimes ask me to cut out the picture while I give my five year old more of a purpose like things that are a certain color, shape, or category.

Once the kids each have a pictures they take turns with the one glue stick to help learn patience and just put the glue on the blank paper and stick pictures on.  They love doing this and have asked if they could practice cutting for three days in a row know, who knew?



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