scavender hunt 1

Indoor Kid Activities: Around the House Scavenger Hunt

Hunter’s summer vacation kicked off with two rainy days so far.  Yesterday morning we went to the park early to beat the rain but today there was no beating it.  This around the house scavenger hunt is a great idea if you are looking for some indoor kid activities to spend a rainy day. Grab a Read More


Teaching Kids About Where They Live Activity

It’s hard for kids to comprehend where they fit into the world in terms of they live in different towns or cities, countries, etc.  The girls and I spent a rainy day learning about where we live and how we fit into the world. All of my family lives in Canada while we live in Read More

indoor hopscotch two

Indoor Kid Activities: Hopscotch

Indoor hopscotch is a great, easy, quick indoor kid activity for those stuck indoors during raining days or Winter days. We are getting pretty antsy for Spring at our house, we live in North Dakota and still have some time to go before we can be outside for most of the day. One of the Read More


DIY Boys Room Decor: Superhero Sign

I have been searching around for some great boys room decor ideas for awhile now.  I made this awesome superhero sign for my son Hunter’s room. He is five and obsessed with superheros and happens to be a big brother. If it was up to Hunter his whole room would be superheros but I wanted Read More