Kids Valentine’s Day Crafts: Cupid’s Bow and Arrows that Really Works

Making cupid’s bow and arrows is a great Valentine’s crafts for kids.  Hunter who is 5 had so much fun making it and playing with it because you can actually shoot the arrows with the bow.  Riley and Emmy who just turned 3 were able to make one for themselves too and still had fun Read More

Riley in pants close up edited

DIY Toddler Lounge Pants

Just Riley and I were at Walmart the other night when, we spotted this pretty, knit fabric in a bargain bin.  Riley said she wanted it and I looked at the price and it was only $1.20 for 2 yards, I figured I could make something out of it for her. Before we got home I decided Read More


Cute Little Sewn Lip Gloss Key Rings

    Tutorial for Sewing your Own Chapstick Keychain Materials Needed 3.5″ Wide by 4″ Tall piece of material for main base 3.5″ Wide by 3.5″ Tall piece of material for pocket 2″ Wide by 2.5″ Tall piece of material Key Ring Sewing Machine and Thread Pins Favorite Lip Gloss or Chap Stick Step One.  Cutting Read More