A Tour of The Rilos + MiMi Downtown Studio

rilos and mimi studio

In late 2014 Rilos + MiMi moved from being a home based business to renting some studio space behind the Boots + Heels retail space in downtown Devils Lake, ND.

My house was filling up with fabric and products fast and I was sick of having stuff spread out all over my dining room table all the time.  Also we work with sewing contractors and it’s easier for them to come to my office instead of coming to my house to drop off and pick up sewing projects.

Funding is always tight in small business so read below to see how we tried to reused items from our house for the studio or was given items from friends and family.

A Breakdown of the Rilos + MiMi Studio

Cutting + Work Table

My number one must have was a huge cutting and work table.  This table was made by my husband and has a huge top for my to cut out fabric as well as pin products together to prep them for sewing.  I also needed it to have lots of storage for fabric, product supplies such as Velcro, zippers, para cord, etc.  The hubby did an amazing job on it and overall cost about $200 which is way cheaper then purchasing one.

cutting table top  cutting table front


The Ikea Fintorp wall rail system works great for storing scissors, and cutting supplies and the basket works great for holding measuring tapes, marking pens, and pins.

Sewing Area

I still keep a sewing machine at my house and I have one at the studio as well.  The sewing table at the studio is actually my granny’s who taught me how to sewing.  It’s really old and has a lot of wear but it still works for me.  I use a Janome sewing machine and I love it, I grew up using singers so it was a risk for me purchase a Janome but I am so glad I did.  The sewing machine at my house and my office are the exact same ones.  My home in the future is to purchase a Janome sewing table.

sewing machine


Office Area

As Rilos + MiMi grows the amount of sewing that I actually do myself goes down and down and the amount of office work I need to do goes up and up.  I like having a dedicated space to sit at and work on emails, paying bills, etc.  The desk I use is an old vanity from Pottery Barn and the shelving and rug comes from Ikea.  The rug is actually one of the few items that I bought specially for my studio, almost everything else came from my house.  I also have a large white board that the kids like to draw on but also helps keep my organized with all the work I have do to.


rilos and mimi studio  kids in office


Coffee Station

I drink a lot of coffee, pretty much throughout the whole day so a coffee station was a must for me in my studio.  I purchased a single cup Keurig using points from our home Keurig account since we purchase so much coffee.

coffee stationS

Shipping Station + Storage

Aside from my main studio work area I also have a storage room that keeps products and fabric and also a shipping station to ship out products.  The shelving we in one of our back garages at our house and cleaned it up and moved it in to the storage room.  The computer I use is our old personal computer and the desk actually came from my husband’s office.  One of my sewing contractors (and friend) gave me an extra printer that we use from shipping orders.

storage and shipping loads of fabri  shipping station


Thanks for joining us on a small tour of the Rilos + MiMi studio.  Being a small business it’s important to save money on things like a studio and try to make the most out of things you already have make it yourself for as cheap as possible.  As our business grows there are definitely some more things on the wish list for the studio I want to purchase but I love having my own little space for my company.

Thanks all for your support!  X

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