5 New Ways to Use Your Rilos & MiMi Reusable Snack Bag

5 New Ways to Use Your Snack Pouch Bag! red arrow snack pouch

Our reusable snack bags are perfect for on the go! These BPA FREE Lined Zipper Reusable bags are great for school snacks, lunches, picnics, parks, travel, and car rides. They replace using plastic Ziploc bags making them a great eco-friendly option for your family.

Not only are these machine washable bags great for carrying snacks, there are many uses for our Snack Pouch bags!

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Here are 5 other ways to use your Rilos & MiMi Reusable Snack Bag:



1. Art Bag:

Keep crayons and a small notepad in your pouch to keep little creative ones busy on the go!

Weather it be at church, in the car, at restaurants, you name it!












2. Small Toy Storage:

Small Toys can get lost easily. Keep them in a pouch to ensure no toy gets left behind! Easy to throw in a diaper bag, purse, overnight bag, car, or have your little one carry their little friends!











3. Poolside Bag

Have just a few things to take with you to the pool or beach? Our Snack Pouches are the perfect size to hold your phone, keys, and cash! Not to mention they are waterproof so kids splashes won’t damage your things!










night out



4. Makeup Bag

Having a girls night on the town? Throw in your makeup essentials to freshen up in the bathroom after that hard hour of dancing! Perfect storage for purses big or small!











5. Mommy Emergency Kit

Weather it’s a thermometer, bandaids, ointment, medicine, or hair ties and candy, no mom can ever be too prepared! Keep your emergency kit in your purse, diaper bag, car, or boat for when your little ones need your help!








Do you have a different way you use your reusable snack pouch? We’d love to hear about it! Submit your idea to info@rilosandmimi.com or post your photo on social media and tag us #rilosandmimi!

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